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SiQuest Introduces Forensic Recovery of Watched YouTube Videos


SiQuest’s IXTK software forensically recovers watched YouTube videos. Oshawa, ON – July 28, 2014 – SiQuest Corporation, a world leader in Internet forensics, is pleased to announce the latest feature added to its Internet Examiner Toolkit (IXTK) flagship product. With the current release of Version 4.0.1407.2503, IXTK...
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IXTK v4.0.1407.1101 Released

IXTK v4.0.1407.1101 Now Available!
Today, SiQuest released Internet Examiner Toolkit v4.0.1407.1101 which includes the following new features:
  • checkmark  Error tracing with verbose output now makes it easier to diagnose issues.
  • checkmark  Fixed a problem where checked nodes become unchecked after branch collapsed.
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IXTK v4.0.1406.1601 Released

What can you expect in this release? • Custom Reporting now features option to select custom columns for Table (spreadsheet) style reports. • Reports toolbar button now features option to Export Records to .CSV (Excel) format. • Fixed a minor bug where searches would be repeated if more than one volume present on selected disk. • Improved handling of multi-threaded searches. • Renamed the Explore...
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IXTK v4.0.1404.2901 Beta Released

IXTK v4.0.1404.2901 Beta Now Available!
Today, SiQuest released Internet Examiner Toolkit v4.0.1404.2901 Beta which includes the following new features:
  • checkmark   Multiple user interface Language Themes now include support for 17 different languages.
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New Content Coming Soon

With the official release of Internet Examiner Toolkit v4 fast approaching, we are busy preparing a series of short and full length tutorial videos on how to use the software.   Please check back regularly....
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Things To Come

In preparation for the official release of the next generation of Internet Examiner Toolkit (IXTK) software, we have migrated our website to a more dynamic, news content management style format.  This will provide us with a more effective means to deliver newer and richer content to our customers, including new visitors. We encourage you to explore...
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What’s New in v4.0.1404.401 Beta

Icon-32x32What can you expect in this release?  
  1. Multiple Language Themes for main user interface window, supporting 16 different languages.  Note: Some words still require translating.
  2. New comprehensive online product documentation with video library, support and training resources (it's a work in progress). Check it...
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