Corporate Profile

SiQuest Corporation Profile

SiQuest is an independent Canadian-owned software development company specializing in the creation of Internet forensic software tools. SiQuest was established in 2001 by John Bradley, a 17-year law enforcement veteran with many years of experience in criminal investigations, computer forensics, and expert witness testimony.

John is the Founder, CEO and Chief Technical Officer, responsible for all project developments with complete hands-on involvement throughout the entire concept-to-design process. John founded SiQuest to pursue innovative solutions to support governments and law enforcement agencies in their fight against computer crime, particularly crimes against children. He combined his unique policing background and strong experience and in-depth understanding of today’s leading computing languages and architectures into SiQuest’s leading-edge computer forensic tools.

Comprised of a talented team of developers, support staff and experienced trainers, SiQuest is fast becoming a reliable household name in the forensic community. With each passing year, the company continues to create and expand their product and training offerings in response to user demand.

The name SiQuest represents “discovery through software innovation” to engineer computer forensic tools that aid in the discovery, collection and reporting of evidentiary data. SiQuest combines years of law enforcement and criminal investigative experience with a repertoire of modern-day programming skills, development platforms experience, and unrivalled visionary conceptualization of ideas.

The company has also provided computer forensic consultation services to corporations and law firms for matters involving litigation, human resources issues, and theft or infringement of trademarks and copyright. Today, the company sustains professional services only on a limited, consultative basis with the majority of the business activities being vested in product and training development.

The slogan “Every Bit Counts” is our commitment to ensure that we do not cut corners in the engineering process, and that we deliver reputable and reliable products to our users.