Academic Program

Become an Authorized SiQuest Academic Training Partner

The SiQuest® Academic Program provides higher learning institutions with the ingredients to offer accreditation in the field of advanced internet forensics using Internet Examiner® Toolkit. Participating organizations will be provided with a training curriculum using SiQuest’s Internet Examiner Toolkit (IXTK). IXTK is the first complete, multilingual forensic solution for the discovery, collection, analysis and reporting of internet evidence.

The program will offer students the skills, knowledge and confidence to investigate and analyze Internet artifacts obtained from computers hard drives, volatile memory, mobile devices, and the internet itself. Students will also learn how to effectively utilize IXTK’s built-in case management features and the new Evidentiary Value Scoring (EVS) system to weigh evidence.

At the end of the program, students will have the confidence, knowledge and skills to use utilize SiQuest forensic software products in a variety of public and private contexts. Job industries where SiQuest products would be used include law enforcement, government, private forensic practices, criminal and civil law, corporate information technology & security, and human resources management.

Key Benefits

  1. Enhance existing studies and programs in the field of Computer Forensics, Internet Investigations, Information Security & Technology, and Internet Security.
  2. Provide students with a value added knowledge and expertise in the field of digital forensics and investigations.
  3. Prepare students to become certified as Internet Examiner Certified Professionals (IECP) and Internet Examiner Certified Examiners (IECE). These certificates are offered at no cost. Examinations are prepared and proctored by the Academic Partner instructor(s).
  4. Faculty can become certified as Internet Examiner Certified Instructors (IECI) and Internet Examiner Certified Examiners (IECE) through one-on-one product knowledge assessment by a SiQuest Course Instructor.


  1. Participating institutions will receive a network dongle that includes 25, 50 or more concurrent licenses of Internet Examiner Toolkit for use within the same network (e.g., classroom(s)).
  2. The complete 3-Day IXTK Advanced Bootcamp Training Course curriculum and training materials are provided to course instructor in electronic format. This would include sample data files and any related software tools.

Terms and Conditions

  1. SiQuest now provides indefinite, unlimited licensing of Internet Examiner® Toolkit (IXTK) and Memory Imager software to ALL higher learning institutions, worldwide at no cost. This offer includes no-charge full software maintenance and support (SMS) and ALL available add-ons such as the new FaceDNATM coming in 2015. Again, there is zero cost.
  2. To better assist faculty with teaching students how to use our software, complete electronic copies of the IXTK 3-Day Advanced Bootcamp Training Course are provided. SiQuest also offers the option to certify students through their program instructor. This is SiQuest’s commitment to giving back to the industry by helping educate the next generation of forensic practitioners.
  3. Academic Partners are only required to purchase one or more network or standalone USB Security Keys (also known as ‘dongles’) which is required to run the software. One-time shipping costs are not included. Prices vary. See below.

Licensing & Purchasing Options

In order to use IXTK within the classroom, a network dongle is required. Faculty has the added option of purchasing their own individual dongle(s) for use outside of the classroom at a pass-through cost. In addition, the Academic Partner might want to consider buying sufficient quantities of additional standalone dongles at the same pass-through cost of $30 each so they can be loaned out to students at the start of each semester.

This gives students the ability to not be tied to the classroom and to not have to worry about machine based licensing (as described below in the Student Options). It also simply eliminates one added cost to the student during and already expensive school year.


  •   Up to 25 licenses » one network dongle = $195 USD
  •   Up to 50 licenses » one network dongle = $245 USD
  •   Standalone (single) dongle = $30 USD (one per instructor)


  •   Students enrolled in an 8-month program can request a 12-month machine-based LEASE license for their notebook or home computer for studies outside of the classroom (only one per student). Once the 12-month period elapses, the software will cease to function. For students attending a 1-4 week technical training course offered by a SiQuest Academic Training Partner, we will provide each student with a 60-day machine-based license for the same purpose mentioned above.
  •   Students enrolled in an 8-month program have the option of purchasing their own dongle (USB Security Key) for $30 USD + $20 Shipping. This replaces the machine-based option but is still a LEASE license option with a 12 month expiry.
    Students enrolled in an 8-month program can opt to buy a perpetual license of IXTK with 1-Year of SMS for only $295 USD which is 80% off the suggested retail price. Applicable shipping not included in price. This purchase includes one (1) driverless USB Security Key (dongle) which contains the license. Offer only valid during course semester or within the first 90 days of completion of the Academic Partner course program. One per student.
** Verification of student enrollment in a qualifying Academic Partner course program is required from the course instructor.

For more information, please contact us.