SiQuest Announces Release of IXTK v5.15

IXTK v5.15 Released with Support for iTunes Backups!
SiQuest HQ – Oshawa, Ontario, Canada – Monday, September 14, 2015

Internet Examiner® Toolkit now supports iTunes Backups for iOS mobile devices!

Despite the forensic roadblocks imposed by the release of Apple’s iOS Version 8.3 operating system for mobile devices earlier this year, the iTunes Backup still presents a treasure trove of evidence when it comes to Internet artifacts and mobile app based investigations.

SiQuest has stepped up its game in supporting common mobile app and Internet based artifacts. With the release of v5.15, IXTK delivers full parsing and analysis support for iTunes Backups.

SiQuest has stepped up its game in supporting common mobile app and Internet based artifacts. With the release of v5.15, IXTK delivers full parsing and analysis support for iTunes Backups. In fact, using the built-in Database Viewer, it is now possible to investigate ANY SQLITE database with ease!

With the growing number of mobile apps using SQLite to store valuable evidence, it’s hard to keep up with custom parsing routines. But with IXTK’s integrated SQLite Database Viewer, you needn’t worry. Parsing tables, intrepreting time columns, searching and tagging records, and importing data into IXTK is as simple as a mouse click!

The following images demonstrate how easy it is to find the backups and import them into IXTK for examination.

STEP 1 – Targeting iTunes Backups in Windows Users Accounts

STEP 2 – Select the iTunes Backups Artifact

STEP 3 – Backup Contents are Located and Parsed into IXTK

STEP 4 – List of Parsed Mobile App Databases in Backup

STEP 5 – Using Built-In Database Viewer to Explore Safari History


  • checkmark  Configure Proxy server settings for IXTK’s built-in Chromium browser (to hide your IP address) for covert online investigations.
  • checkmark  Recovery, parsing and analysis for iTunes Backups.
  • checkmark  Support for Kik Messenger chat messages and contacts (Android & iOS).
  • checkmark  Support for Safari mobile History.db file (iOS).
  • checkmark  Recover Internet search Urls for Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and Baidu (Chinese) search engine.
  • checkmark  Create dictionary of Internet search terms from recovered cache and history Urls.
  • checkmark  SQLite Database viewer now imports any table and individual records directly into IXTK in Windows INI layout format.
  • checkmark  Added indexing for Social Networking and Messaging files.
  • checkmark  Native support for Unix based file systems (Ext2, Ext3, Ext4).
  • checkmark  Fixed: problem indexing Deleted files on some NTFS volumes.
  • checkmark  Fixed: sometimes indexing Deleted filed would crash IXTK. This was attributed to partial file references not being released from memory.

We are currently working on the supporting the following artifacts in an upcoming release:

  • checkmark  WhatsApp
  • checkmark  Snapchat
  • checkmark  Instagram
  • checkmark  Edge Browser
DONGLE AMNESTY: CacheBack and Internet Examiner Users

If you are an existing or previous customer with a dongle license for CacheBack or Internet Examiner® v3, no matter how old it is, you can now upgrade to Internet Examiner® Toolkit v5 Forensic Edition (perpetual license) with 1 Year of SMS included for a one-time flat fee of $495 USD. No upgrade charges! No pro-rated SMS surcharges! Even if your dongle is 4 or more years old, you won’t have to pay any pro-rated or upgrade costs. Just one simple flat fee. No questions.

NOTE: We can’t promise that this offer will be around much longer.

Academic Training Partner Program:
Unlimited FREE Software with Updates

In case you haven’t heard, all higher learning institutions now qualify for unlimited licensing of our Internet Examiner® Toolkit software, including all product updates, for the purpose of instruction within the classroom. There is only a one-time, nominal fee for the purcase of a single network dongle (25 or 50 licenses) + shipping. Once you have it, it will be kept up to date indefinitely. This is our way of giving back to the industry by sharing our technology with the new, bright minds of tomorrow. Access to our 3-Day Advanced Bootcamp Training course material is provided for instructors and students have the option to get certified (through their instructor), at no cost.

For more information, visit the Academic Training Partner page at our website.

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