Version 5.12 Beta Released

Searching with IXTK just got a whole lot F-A-S-T-E-R !

SiQuest HQ – Oshawa, Ontario, Canada – Monday, July 27, 2015

Back in April of this year, SiQuest announced the release of Version 5.5 which featured the new FaceDNATM biometric facial recognition add-on, as well as integrated domainIQ API research tools for online investigations.

Since that time, we quickly learned that many users were experiencing long wait times during their searches. We determined that this was largely attributed to users electing to search entire disk volumes for ALL artifacts, ALL trace artifacts, and ALL keyword artifacts – at the same time. This approach is expectedly prone to extraordinary wait times and the only way around this is to limit the search parameters. While it sounded like a good explanation, we didn’t want our users feeling like they had to change the way they did their business.

To that point, there was a consensus among our developers that there was room to improve the way we approached "searching". So we went back to the drawing board and came up with a totally new process, one that would dramatically decrease search times.

With the release of v5.11 Beta, searches have been compartmentalized into two approaches: PARSE FILES (fast) and CARVE DATA (slower). The result? Clearer search options. More visual feedback on search performances. Less wait time with over 10,000 times faster results when using Parse Files option.

Features Included in this Release


  •   Added new create CUSTOM INDEX (All Files) option for volumes. Filter files by exclusion based on file extensions or paths.
  •   Fixed a bug in the Parse Files window when selecting “Select Files” button. File listing would hang in some cases if the $Recycle.Bin was present on the selected volume and contained a lot of deleted files.
  •   Added option to exclude NTFS Reserved Files from indexes.


  •   Completely changed the way IXTK searches for artifacts in order to dramatically decrease search times.
  •   New search window now only features: PARSE FILES, CARVE DATA and FIND FACES.
  •   Added ability to creates INDEXES for common file types on volumes (Browsers, Cloud Storage, Peer-To-Peer, Pictures, Videos, Deleted Files and SQLite Database Files). Users can then search only the indexes to save even more time.
  •   Indexing, searching and displaying deleted files have been better implemented.
  •   Fixed a problem where custom queries were not displaying in the Query Manager Window.
  •   Fixed missing time zone setting in Custom Reports.
  •   It is now possible to use the SHIFT KEY + Mouse-Click to tag multiple rows in the Table View.
  •   Building reports for Pictures and History are now done on a separate background thread. Useful for large reports. The Custom Report will be configured by the next update to also use its own background thread for processing.
  •   Added a new row to the top of the Table to allow ad-hoc filtering and sorting on any column.
  •   Internet Search filters can now readily identify user-defined search URLs for AOL, Google, Yahoo, Bing and Wikipedia.
  •   It is now possible to extract images from Photoshop (PSD), Adobe (PDF) and Microsoft Word (doc/docx) files. When use in conjunction with find faces, it is possible to detect forged documents.
  •   The new Carve Data feature makes it possible to search Logical Files, Sub-Directories, Disk Sectors, Free Space and even custom Indexes for volumes, in an combination, within the same search request.
  •   New ‘Time Remaining’ and ‘Memory Usage’ indicators have been added to the Thread Status window’s dashboard. This helps better predict the time required to complete lengthy searches. It also assists in monitoring system resources in special circumstances.
  •   Video player no longer requires the installation of QuickTime for playback of MP4/MPG file formats.
  •   Video frame extraction functionality has been greatly enhanced with reduced use of system resources.

To download the latest version of Internet Examiner® Toolkit, including the updated help manual, click here.

What’s Coming Next?

It took us over 3 years to design Internet Examiner® Toolkit from the ground up. IXTK is scalable, extensible and built 100% in-house using only the latest of technologies for robust and dependable performance. Multi-threading is at the heart of all search related functions to maximum use of your time and system resources.

Now that the heavy lifting is complete, we will be turning our attention to adding support for the most common artifacts such as SnapChat, Instragram, WhatsApp, Ares P2P, Gigatribe, Google+, and a whole lot more! One of our primary objectives at this point is to release at least 1 major new artifact per month starting now. Very soon, IXTK will support all common artifacts for PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS! Beyond these features, we will be adding unparalleled functionality to our existing "online investigation" capabilities which will make IXTK an indispensible tool for all things Internet.

We’ve Reduced Our Prices

The best part? Everything will be included in our standard Forensic Edition pricing. That’s right. We won’t charge you for "add-ons" nor will we adjust or inflate your SMS to reflect the new features. That’s our commitment to our customers.

With the launch of v5.11, we have adjusted our prices to provide better purchasing options, especially in these tough economic times. In particular, we’ve introduced the option to Lease Internet Examiner Toolkit at a 50% discount from the regular list price. Also, we’ve rolled back the cost of the annual renewal for Software Maintenance and Support to only $415 USD.

DONGLE AMNESTY: CacheBack and Internet Examiner Users

If you are an existing or previous customer with a dongle license for CacheBack or Internet Examiner® v3, no matter how old it is, you can now upgrade to Internet Examiner® Toolkit v5 Forensic Edition (perpetual license) with 1 Year of SMS included for a one-time flat fee of $495 USD. No upgrade charges! No pro-rated SMS surcharges! Even if your dongle is 4 or more years old, you won’t have to pay any pro-rated or upgrade costs. Just one simple flat fee. No questions.

For complete details on this offer, click here.

Academic Training Partner Program:
Unlimited FREE Software with Updates

In case you haven’t heard, all higher learning institutions now qualify for unlimited licensing of our Internet Examiner® Toolkit software, including all product updates, for the purpose of instruction within the classroom. There is only a one-time, nominal fee for the purcase of a single network dongle (25 or 50 licenses) + shipping. Once you have it, it will be kept up to date indefinitely. This is our way of giving back to the industry by sharing our technology with the new, bright minds of tomorrow. Access to our 3-Day Advanced Bootcamp Training course material is provided for instructors and students have the option to get certified (through their instructor), at no cost.

For more information, visit the Academic Training Partner page at our website.

For more information relating to products, technical support, sales or training,
please reach out to any of our authorized resellers or contact us directly at:

(+1) 905-686-6801

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