SiQuest Announces New Dongle Amnesty Upgrade Offer

SIQUEST HQ: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. — Monday, May 20, 2015. Today, SiQuest announces an update to their Dongle Amnesty Program for all of their earlier CacheBack® and Internet Examiner® customers.

Essentially, current and past customers with a dongle license for CacheBack® or Internet Examiner® can now upgrade to Internet Examiner® Toolkit v5 Forensic Edition (perpetual license) with 1 Year of Software Maintenance and Suppport (SMS) included, for a one-time flat fee of $595 USD.


Customers in possession of these dongles are eligible for this offer!


  •   It does not matter how the customer’s dongle is!
  •   There are NO hidden or separate upgrade surcharges!
  •   There are NO unfair backdated surcharges for missed SMS periods!
  •   One small fee and the customer is using the latest and greatest version of the software!
  •   The following year’s SMS renewal would then only $415 USD!

Even if a customer’s dongle is 2 or more years old, they would only pay the one-time, simple flat fee. No questions. And when they do, SiQuest will issue them a brand new driverless dongle, also at no additional cost (for green dongle holders). Shipping not included.

New Driverless Dongle


For more information about IXTK, visit SiQuest’s website at
For all inquiries, please contact us by telephone at 905-686-6801 or by email at

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