SiQuest Introduces New Software Leasing Option

SIQUEST HQ: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. — Monday, May 11, 2005. Today, SiQuest announces a new LEASING (Subscription) option for their flagship product Internet Examiner® Toolkit (IXTKTM).

Why Buy When You Can Lease?

If you’ve ever been wanting to try SiQuest’s new Internet Examiner® Toolkit (IXTKTM) but simply do not have the budget for it right now, then maybe it’s time to consider LEASING! As the saying goes "You should never have just one tool in your toolbox!". For this reason, if you’ve settled on just one tool for your Internet forensics needs, then maybe it’s time to have a second tool — if not for the everyday, then at least for cross-validation.

Sooner or later, a litigator is going to ask the question: "…did you use any other tools in your investigation?", which will be quickly followed by: "How do we know these are accurate results and the only results?". If you are not able to answer these questions, then you could be putting yourself and your case in jeopardy. This is why having more than one tool is so important.

Competitor product pricing often starts out with an attractive base price but by the time you add up all the add-ons (often required for proper investigations), the cost is often $2,500 USD and higher. While SiQuest has capped their pricing for their software at just $1995 USD, they’ve also gone ahead and done one better for their customers.

Now forensic practitioners can try IXTK v5 with minimal risk. Each lease entitles the user to all product updates and support for 1 year and costs only only $995 USD. This is a 50% savings off the list price. Then, simply renew the lease year after year and keep saving!

The only thing different between a Lease License (also referred to as a subscription) and a Perpetual License is that the software will cease to function when the lease expires. But there’s no need for customers to worry. Why? Because if they already renew their other forensic tools annually, then renewing a lease of IXTK at the same time would ensure that their use of the software remains uninterrupted.

For government or law enforcement agencies wishing to consider a lease option, SiQuest will offer an additional 15% discount off any purchase.

DONGLE AMNESTY. Customers in possession of an older license (dongle) might want to check out SiQuest’s Dongle Amnesty Program to save even more!

For more information about IXTK, visit SiQuest’s website at
For all inquiries, please contact us by telephone at 905-686-6801 or by email at

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