With FaceDNA, Case Backlogs is no Longer a Defensible Option

SIQUEST HQ: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. SiQuest announced today that on Tuesday, April 14, 2015, they officially released the long anticipated Version 5 of their flagship forensic software known as Internet Examiner® Toolkit (IXTK). With this next generation of software, IXTK features FaceDNA, a sophisticated biometric facial recognition add-on (included at no additional cost) to their Internet Examiner Tookit.

With FaceDNA, investigators will have a new weapon in the fight against crimes against children, document forgery detection, and identifying wanted and missing persons. This includes the upcoming ability to detect faces in real-time via their integrated “live” Internet browser for online investigations.

IXTK is an Internet forensics tool that can be used to examine computer hard drives, common forensic disk images, memory dumps, and mobile devices. Typically, in matters involving crimes against children and child pornography, the bulk of the evidence tends to be found on computers via P2P file sharing programs. However, mobile forensics cases in particular can also benefit from FaceDNA too since many devices yield quantities of photographs and video file evidence that may have been taken by a suspect. Since the data is all logical and limited by the device’s capacity, FaceDNA can do a lot of good in a short period of time.

FaceDNA allows investigators to sift through thousands, even hundreds of thousands of pictures and videos (frame by frame) in search of faces of persons. These faces can be persons that are known to an investigation but they can also be faces of persons not-before-known by police. The ability to identify children embedded in child pornography videos is critical in any attempt to rescue these victims and send a clear message to perpetrators.

FaceDNA can also be used to examine YouTube Videos and surveillance video footage to identify suspects or persons of interest. The automation of video frame analysis and FaceDNA makes it now possible to look through “all” of the evidence at the onset of an investigation, thereby all but eliminating the chances of missing a victim. “Scratching only the surface” in situations where investigators are facing case backlogs is no longer a defensible option. With IXTK and FaceDNA, police now have a way to do more with less time.

With innovations like FaceDNA, IXTK is fast becoming the Internet forensic tool of choice by government, law enforcement and private industry for Internet based investigations. For more information about the new FaceDNA add-on, please visit the below noted press release(s).




For more information about IXTK, visit SiQuest’s website at www.siquest.com.
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