SiQuest Announces Partnership with DomainIQ Corp.

SIQUEST HQ: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. SiQuest announced today that on Tuesday, April 14, 2015, they officially released Version 5.5 of their flagship forensic software known as Internet Examiner® Toolkit (IXTKTM). With this latest update, IXTK now features real-time online domain research tools provided by This unique and exclusive offer provides SiQuest customers with advanced internet research capabilities that will help investigators identify perpetrators that might hide behind privately registered domains and IP addresses.

domainIQ Corp. and SiQuest Corporation Announce Partnership

Glenview, IL, Mar 31, 2015 — In continued efforts to bring innovative and comprehensive domain intelligence tools to the market, domainIQ Corp. ( announced a strategic partnership with SiQuest. The announcement is another step for domainIQ’s ongoing efforts to provide effective solutions for end users conducting internet security research, as well as cyber threat detection and analysis.

domainIQ Corp. is a premier supplier of domain name analytics that specializes in creating powerful software and services for the IT security industry. The unique services provided by domainIQ are designed to assist security researchers, government organizations and law firms in domain name and internet research. The tools offered by domainIQ are easily customizable to help organizations and individuals navigate complex issues by utilizing unique data, and technologies.

SiQuest is an independent Canadian owned software development company and world leader in the development of Internet forensic software that simplifies and expedites the discovery, analysis and reporting of digital evidence. SiQuest was established in 2001 by John Bradley, a 17-year law enforcement veteran and their flagship product Internet Examiner Toolkit is currently in use by digital forensic practitioners worldwide. On December 8, 2014, SiQuest was recognized as an "Industry Innovator 2014" by SC Magazine in the Analysis and Testing category.

SiQuest users can now take advantage of the comprehensive software and solutions tools offered by domainIQ Corp. The exclusive and competitive pricing structure negotiated between SiQuest and DomainIQ Corp will allow SiQuest users to conduct detailed domain name research at an attractive price. The research tools will include Whois data, reverse IP and DNS tools, as well as additional detailed identity discovery tools.

"We are proud to be the first and only forensic software development company to bring integrated domain research tools capabilities into our software. Users of Internet Examiner Toolkit can now seamlessly aggregate conventional ‘deadbox’ (e.g., computer, notebook, hard drive, mobile device) analysis with live, real-time domain research results (e.g., WhoIs, Domain IP WhoIs, ReverseIP, ReverseDNS, Email Report, Domain Report, Name Report). Click here for an example. This aggregation capability will empower forensic practitioners to provide 360 degree viewpoint of Internet based evidence. With DomainIQ domain research tools embedded within our toolkit, our customers can now find more evidence, and develop more leads, in ‘real time’.," said John Bradley, Found, CEO and Chief Technical Officer at SiQuest.

"Being able to document and annotate live online investigations is fundamental in satisfactorily articulating reasonable grounds for search warrants (e.g., ISPs) and to pursue new and probative leads within the investigative paradigm. DomainIQ features will make investigations better, faster and less costly where the answers reside in the cloud. Finally, I am also particularly pleased with our pricing arrangement with DomainIQ. In this capacity, we’ve not only ensured a competitive advantage, but we’ve passed this savings onto our customers."

"As legal concerns and financial costs of online crime and cyber attacks continue to increase with each passing year, it is becoming vital for individuals and organizations to have the proper tools to protect themselves," said Luc Lezon, CEO of domainIQ Corp. "We look forward to working with SiQuest to help their global customer base discover critical information and assist in cybercrime research, legal investigations and fraud prevention."

Because user customization is a necessary component of successful electronic discovery, domainIQ Corp. will work to develop software and reporting solutions that work for every user. The domainIQ data may even be hosted on the user’s own infrastructure as needed. (

User subscription setup is completed quickly and customers will be able to access domainIQ’s friendly and competent staff for any account questions. Finally, users will not have to pay set up fees or technical support fees should they need any assistance.

To begin using domainIQ services within SiQuest’s Internet Examiner Toolkit, an API
Key subscription must first be purchased from the following web page: Once an account has been opened, customers will be provided with a unique "API Key" which can then be added to the IXTK program. User subscription setup is completed quickly and customers will be able to access domainIQ’s friendly and competent staff for any account questions. A single key can be used by an entire agency. Finally, users will not have to pay set up fees or technical support fees should they need any assistance.

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