Technical Update – IXTK v4.6 Released

IXTK v4.6.1410.821 Now Available!

Download Update Here!

Today, SiQuest released Internet Examiner Toolkit v4.6.1410.821 which includes the following new features:

  • checkmark  Fixed a bug that would cause searches to hang (or appear hung).
  • checkmark  Fixed a bug where volumes (partitions) for some mounted disk images would be missing.
  • checkmark  Improved search status indicators to more accurately reflect the progress.
  • checkmark  Added ‘Debug Mode’ (verbose) Event Tracking option to troubleshoot search problems.
  • checkmark  Added a number of default search keywords for each new case file.
  • checkmark  Improved GREP Expression evaluation during searches using ISO-8859-1 as the new default code page.
  • checkmark  Made some progress on the help file.

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