SiQuest Introduces Forensic Recovery of Watched YouTube Videos


SiQuest’s IXTK software forensically recovers watched YouTube videos.

Oshawa, ON – July 28, 2014 – SiQuest Corporation, a world leader in Internet forensics, is pleased to announce the latest feature added to its Internet Examiner Toolkit (IXTK) flagship product. With the current release of Version 4.0.1407.2503, IXTK now forensically recovers evidence of “watched YouTube videos” from the Unallocated Space and browser cache repositories of computer hard drives, and the YouTube website directly.

“The pervasiveness of social media communications and online file sharing services has made the website perhaps the most widely used video sharing site today. Videos posted on YouTube can sometimes reveal incriminating evidence to support a criminal investigation. Identifying this information and capturing it as soon as possible is vital in many cases.” says John Bradley, Chief Executive Officer and former police officer, SiQuest Corporation.

He then explains that “People who make YouTube videos and those who watch YouTube videos leave behind evidence on their computers that is often overlooked. Having access to real-time documentation or supporting evidence of a criminal event can be crucial to protecting the public by expediting the location and arrest of wanted persons, and rescuing victims.”

With IXTK’s new YouTube Watched Video support, investigators can find evidence on a hard drive that a particular YouTube video was watched. Through this gathered information, IXTK can reveal:

  1. The IP address assigned to the computer at the time the video was watched.
  2. The precise time that the video was accessed, in Coordinate Universal Time (UTC).
  3. The full title of the movie.
  4. A unique file signature that uniquely identifies the file.
  5. A unique url (address) that matches up with the posted video (of today).
  6. Properties of the video such as the quality (e.g., High Definition), the video dimensions, bitrate, and more.

What is particularly exciting is not only can IXTK find evidence that a video was watched, it can then decode that encoded information and go out to the YouTube website directly and download the video in real-time. The file can be inserted directly into a working IXTK case file for further analysis, or to a separate folder somewhere on the computer.

John Bradley adds: “Forensically recovering watched YouTube video Urls from a hard drive and then fetching the video is one thing. But having the ability to browse the YouTube website live, in real-time and capture select videos in the moment, is something even better. This now makes it possible to capture evidence as close in time as possible to an actual event. Considering that videos uploaded to a website can be a volatile form of evidence, providing investigators with the means to quickly and effortlessly secure this type evidence, before it is removed from the website either by the author or by website moderators, is critical.

The ability to recover video evidence in a forensically sound manner brings compelling evidence that supports many important types of investigations. These include matters involving terrorism, crimes against children, cyber bullying, criminal assaults, homicides, mischief, criminal negligence, and social unrest (riots). Within our IXTK software, video files can be split into individual frames, reported, and then disclosed for further analysis — almost immediately. THIS kind of flexibility and responsiveness is what we are trying to bring to the table with IXTK’s new live Internet investigative features.”

For a quick video demonstration of this new feature, click here.

To request an evaluation copy of IXTK, visit the Downloads section and complete a Download Request form.

SiQuest is an independent Canadian-owned software development company specializing in the creation of Internet forensic software tools. Since 2004, SiQuest products have been used worldwide by law enforcement, government agencies, military, security, corporations, non-profits and independent practitioners. Founded by a 17-year veteran of law enforcement with extensive experience in criminal investigations, computer forensics and expert witness testimony, SiQuest’s mission is to develop innovative solutions that aid in the discovery, collection, and reporting of evidentiary data to fight crime, particularly crimes against children.


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