IXTK v4.0.1407.2503 Released with YouTube Video Support

IXTK v4.0.1407.2503 Now Available!

  YouTube Video Support Has Arrived!

Today, SiQuest released Internet Examiner Toolkit v4.0.1407.2503 which includes the following new features:

  • checkmark  Fixed a few bugs in the Internet Extractor window relating to Disk only searches.
  • checkmark  Added support for the recovery of watched YouTube video Urls from Unallocated Space. Videos can then be downloaded directly from the Internet into the examiner’s case file or to a select folder.
  • checkmark  Using IXTK’s built-in browser tab, examiners can navigate the YouTube website and download videos directly into an IXTK case file or to a specific folder.
  • checkmark  Significantly improved speed to Re-Calculate Hit Counts in the Filter tree.

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