IXTK v4.0.1407.1101 Released

IXTK v4.0.1407.1101 Now Available!

Today, SiQuest released Internet Examiner Toolkit v4.0.1407.1101 which includes the following new features:

  • checkmark  Error tracing with verbose output now makes it easier to diagnose issues.
  • checkmark  Fixed a problem where checked nodes become unchecked after branch collapsed.
  • checkmark  Improved Custom Report layout.
  • checkmark  Added feature to add and delete custom Synopsis (preamble) for reports.
  • checkmark  Implemented option to display Device Date in Table view and reports.
  • checkmark  Fixed Extract Frames option within Video Tab.
  • checkmark  Gallery Viewer now loads any extracted frames for video files selected in Table View.
  • checkmark  Added new columns to the database for management of hash libraries (coming soon).
  • checkmark  Fixed a bug relating to ActivityTime and ActivityTimeUTC for cache artifacts.
  • checkmark  Implemented the Custom Query Builder window.
  • checkmark  Implemented VICS – Video Image Classification Standard for categorizing multimedia.
  YouTube Video Support Coming Next

Here’s what’s coming in the next IXTK update which is due out by the end of July:

  • checkmark  Recover evidence of viewed YouTube videos from Unallocated Space.
  • checkmark  Download YouTube videos "live" from the Internet either from recovered JSON code (from option above) OR in real-time via IXTK’s integrated live Internet browser.
  • checkmark  Videos are downloaded directly into your case file where they can then be further examined like any other video evidence.

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