IXTK v4.0.1406.1601 Released

What can you expect in this release?

• Custom Reporting now features option to select custom columns for Table (spreadsheet) style reports.
• Reports toolbar button now features option to Export Records to .CSV (Excel) format.
• Fixed a minor bug where searches would be repeated if more than one volume present on selected disk.
• Improved handling of multi-threaded searches.
• Renamed the Explore tab to “Filter” for better clarity.
• Re-labelled time columns in Table to better indicate “Local” times.
• Ability to dynamically change time zones at the Case level, Device import level, and the Report level.
• Enhanced management and reporting of Case and Record level notes (Nice!).
• Improved detailed reporting now includes record notes.
• Foundation laid in this build for new disk, volume and mapped drives Explorer tab coming soon.
• Added support for Twitter Photo Url recovery including live internet downloading. Full Twitter Message and profile pages support nearing completion!

Artifact support planned for 2014:

1. KiK Messenger
2. Twitter
3. Instagram
4. GTalk
5. Yahoo Instant Messenger
6. More Facebook artifacts
7. Google+
8. Webmail (Google, MSN Live)

IMPORTANT: New artifacts are continually being added to the IXTK Aritfact Framework library and will be released on a regular monthly basis, or more frequently.

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