What’s New in v4.0.1404.401 Beta

Icon-32x32What can you expect in this release?


  1. Multiple Language Themes for main user interface window, supporting 16 different languages.  Note: Some words still require translating.
  2. New comprehensive online product documentation with video library, support and training resources (it’s a work in progress). Check it out at http://help.siquest.com.
  3. Significant improvements for mounting image files (Ex01, E01, L01, Lx01, Raw (DD), AFF).
  4. Index (once) and search deleted files.
  5. Improved partition recognition and faster free space rendering for the built-in Disk viewer.
  6. A 1500% performance increase (yes! that’s right! 15 times faster!) when parsing Chrome and Opera Next cache files.
  7. Improved loading and unloading of video files for playback.
  8. Facebook Messenger chat recovery (Android).
  9. Facebook Profile Picture Url recovery.
  10. Retrieve any recovered Url object LIVE from the internet and add it to the case.
  11. Fixed a few minor bugs and made some a few performance improvements.



When IXTK v4 is released, SiQuest will continue to populate its library of supported artifacts and issue regularly scheduled technical updates. Language Themes will also be expanded into other parts of the program.  SiQuest aims to provide regular bi-weekly updates until the full version is released.


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