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IXTKTM is a versatile, multi-faceted and integrated suite of tools that involves many working parts and features. Those who choose to take our 3-Day Advanced Bootcamp Training Course with Certification are usually quite surprised at just how powerful the software really is. Since IXTKTM employs many different techniques and options to find, analyze and disclose evidence, you really need to have a good understanding on how to best use the software in order to achieve maximum results.

This is why we’ve created a series of quick Getting Started videos. By stepping through a series of short tutorials, new users will become quickly acquainted with the user interface, search options, and different ways to examine and report on the evidence. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and "get under the hood", then download the software, watch the videos and start investigating.

Release Date: Monday, May 16, 2016
Latest Build: 5.21.1605.1521
Build History: build_history.txt
MD5 (standalone): eed2e0bc19117ca970230c239197d410
SHA1 (standalone): 7b091b274e51fc5269bcc9f54f51908ced254add
MD5 (network client): c081e0c72a7609ca7632135c29c75f15
SHA1 (network client): 56dc60885317be2a6e3cc8229db3ac55c2b2040b
Size: 119MB
Download: IXTK Brochure (1.6MB)
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Product Description

Internet Examiner® Version 5 builds on the functionality of Internet Examiner Toolkit v4. Today, IXTK raises the bar when it comes to investigating internet evidence.

Now in its 5th generation, IXTK is the first complete, multilingual, multi-faceted forensic suite of tools that is designed specifically to discover, examine, analyze and report internet-based evidence acquired from computers, hard drives, live memory, and mobile devices. IXTK also makes it possible to conduct, track and capture “live” internet investigations in real-time. With its proprietary Artifact Framework, IXTK can rapidly update and expand its library of supported internet artifacts.

Engineered by an executive team with over 17 years in law enforcement, IXTK is a reflection of an established experience in criminal investigations, case management, prosecution, and expert witness testimony.

Important Security Information

Since IXTK is designed to utilize low-level functions to access physical devices and other system resources, elevated user privileges are required in order for the software to perform properly. For this reason, you will need to be logged into Windows using an Administrator account OR you will need to turn off the User Access Controls (UAC) in your system.

NOTE: If you are logged into Windows with a Standard account and attempt to run IXTK using "Run As Administrator" (via the right-mouse click context menu for the IXTK desktop shortcut), you may still encounter permission (access denied) issues.

About This Release

Existing Customers (who already possess a SiQuest USB License Key/Dongle)
Download, install and run IXTK with your dongle inserted. A FREE 30-day trial license will be automatically installed on your dongle. If you have already installed a previous trial version of IXTK, then a new trial period will NOT be installed.

News and first time users
Download, install and run IXTK. Request an electronic trial license key from within the program’s Product Registration window, which can be located under the Help Menu.

NOTE: Valid registration information is required to obtain a trial license. SiQuest reserves the right to deny trial license keys in cases where contact information is incomplete or misleading.